Each hollywood star owns a canada goose jacket

Of course, Canada Goose to conquer the world more than 50 countries, consumers, not only by the value of the value, more importantly, is a strong thermal performance, known to withstand the cold of 30 degrees, light and warm feather is the key to its cold The However, although the name “Canadian goose”, but the company’s most down jacket is filled with white duck down.

The company has one-third of its products from Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal’s factories, currently employs about 1,500 people. Stylish appearance, strong thermal performance, and the high cost of manufacturing in Canada, doomed the price of Canada Goose will not be too close to the people.

Not only expensive, proud of Canada Goose never discount or even every year to raise prices by 10% -17%. Whether it is in the “Black Friday” or the New Year discount season or season, when the other brands are using attractive discount to attract consumers chop, only Canada Goose price is always so strong. Dani Reiss, the company’s CEO, is also domineering: “We never need to do that.”

Although the official price will not decline, but occasionally we can still in Canada Goose authorized stores to see discount activities, but usually 8-9 fold a small price, expect it to appear like other brands like “jump property prices” Is not possible.

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