Canada goose is recognized as “the land rover in fashion industry”.

Recently, Canadian luxury brand Canada Goose (Canadian goose) officially submitted an initial public offering (IPO) application. According to the prospectus submitted by the company, Canada Goose plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange at the same time, the public issue of shares containing sub-voting rights, the stock code “GOOS”, and made a $ 100 million placement The It is reported that Canada Goose plans to sell 10% to 15% stake, which means that the IPO is expected to raise 2 to 300 million US dollars, Canada Goose valuation of up to 20 billion US dollars.

December 2013, the global PE giant Bain Capital to 250 million acquisition of Canada Goose majority stake, the company’s current CEO, founder Sam Tick grandson Dani Reiss retained a minority stake. According to Canada Goose’s prospectus, Bain Capital will sell some of its shares while continuing to retain the controlling stake in Canada Goose.

In other words, from the end of 2013 the controlling shareholder of less than 4 years, Canada Goose valuation has skyrocketed more than 7 times!

Canada Goose known as “cold artifact”, is considered the world’s most warm down jacket, can be cold 30 degrees below the climate. Even like Moncler so carefully designed route down jacket brand, are beginning to face its competition. Bloomberg Businessweek founder has described Canada Goose hot degree comparable to 10 years ago LV handbags.

In the application submitted, the company specifically described its main core competitive advantage and growth strategy, and disclosed the potential business risks. Data show that the company’s 2016 fiscal year sales of 2.908 billion Canadian dollars (about 1.524 billion yuan), an increase of 33.2%; 2016 fiscal year net profit of 26.5 million Canadian dollars (about 138 million yuan), an increase of 84%. The company has been to North America as the main market, mainly in Canada and the United States has made rapid growth. The future of Canada Goose will accelerate the expansion of other markets in the world, China will also be Canada Goose future development focus.

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