The IPO of Leather goods luxury goods business

Canada Goose 60 years ago was built in a lot of Ting Ting, by Bain Capital to provide financial support. Canadian Goose coat manufacturer Canada Goose has become a recognized brand of fashion and celebrity circles, US stocks investors have been waiting for a luxury company IPO for almost three years, which may be sufficient to prove that Canada Goose should be more than most counterparts to enjoy higher Valuation.

Canada Goose is seeking to raise up to $ 320 million ($ 237 million) in the initial public offering, which is scheduled to be issued on Wednesday after the market closes. Canada Goose is seeking market value of up to $ 1.71 billion, according to the high end of the pricing proposal.

Perkins intelligence analyst Maja Rakic ​​commented this month that even if the stock falls at the bottom of the pricing range, the 12-month earnings per share are growing at below-market rates, but Canada Goose’s valuation in its luxury counterparts remains Ranked third, Canada Goose is trading at 36x, 39 times at Hermes International and 37 times from Brunello Cucinelli.

“It could be a bubble, but they’re dealing with it,” says Allen Adamson, founder and president of BrandSimple, a former North American branding company Landor Associates.

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