Canada Goose is ready to go for IPO in 2017

Canada Goose this time really began to act, and foreign media reported that it has hired investment banks to start preparations, smooth, it is expected early 2017 IPO, the entire company valued at about 20 Billion dollars.

It is reported that Canada Goose selected underwriters are Credit Suisse Group, Canadian Imperial Commercial Bank and Goldman Sachs Bank.

This will make Canada Goose’s current major shareholder, Bain Capital, likely to start withdrawing from its investment in the company. Bain Capital in 2013 to join Canada Goose, to become its largest shareholder, and its brand founder of the sun, the current chief executive officer Dani Reiss retained a minority stake. But according to the Wall Street Journal analysis, Canada Goose’s listing time will not choose when the stock market volatility.

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