Canada Goose is about to sell a down jacket at $600

“If I conquer Siberia, I can conquer Moscow because we produce the world’s most warm down jacket, not just in the wild, the city has become increasingly cold.” Canada down jacket brand Canada Goose president Dani Reiss in accept Said Bloomberg Businessweek.

As early as the winter of 2009, Canada, Canada, Goose has been popular in the streets of major cities in Canada. Especially for the sister who, this embroidered with “Canadian map” down jacket is not only used in the minus 30 degrees Blizzard days of cold, even if the temperature is not so low when the unlined, On this hot people sweating down jacket show logo, is so wayward!

Although most of the world’s retailers have been overwhelmed by the European downturn in the economy, but those high-end down jacket brand is “hot no longer hot”. These once expedition uniforms have been successful from the bloated pioneer image to get rid of, become a fashion Icon must have a single product.

“In many places, those feathers are hot like the LV handbags 10 years ago.” Bloomberg Businessweek quotes MonaBijour, founder of JOOR, a fashion clothing wholesale platform. JOOR will handle orders for about $ 2.6 billion this year for high-end retailers and fashion brands.

The United States down jacket brand Moncler with its dazzling color and sports style has been known as the “high fashion” down jacket, in Europe, fashionable (and expensive) Moncler feather vest has long been a fashion circles in Gstaad (Gstaad) After skiing part of the dress. In fact, until 2006, the company decided in the next three years to launch women’s senior fashion series and men’s high-end fashion series. In the past six decades, Moncler down products are mainly sold in the Swiss ski huts and other ski resorts in the world. Revenue rose 60% from 2011 to 2013, with sales up 18% in the first nine months of the year.

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